Very often while driving I see settings throughout the city and think, "That would be a nice picture." It then occurred to me that I could actually take pictures of the things I see. What started out as something to pass time while waiting for fares as a taxi driver has become a little bit more.
What will come of this? I have a few ideas; for now, enjoy Cleveland through my eyes.


Saturday, October 14, 2006

Boardman, Ohio

One of my classes is conducting a charrette in the city of Boardman, Ohio. It is a suburb of Youngstown.
Here are some shots I took while driving through parts of the city.

The commercial part of the city literally has almost no sidewalks. It is very un-pedestrian friendly.
This intersection was one of the only parts of the city where there are sidewalks and the buildings are close to the street edge.
Good place for a multi-purpose trail.
There are no design standards either. Signs are all over the place and there is no control of how they look or are placed.